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2006年3月22日 (水)


以下全文轉自 酥餅的BLOG



當你到這個資料庫首頁鍵入TAIWAN的時候,他將強迫你選擇TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA (台灣,中國一省),之後查詢出來的所有物種也都被冠上中國一省。




1.拷貝下面的抗議信範本,寫EMAIL寄到 issg@auckland.ac.nz,在 標題寫上Taiwan is not a province of China。

Dear ISSG,

In your Global Invasive Species Database, you mistakenly list Taiwan as a province of China. Please remove “Province of China” from the list of Taiwan.

Taiwan is an independent country with its own government, elections,
currency and defined territory. Taiwan negotiates its own treaties and
has its own president. It is obvious that Taiwan is not a province of China.

As one of the most renowned database for global invasive species, ISSG should strive to report the truth. Listing Taiwan as a province of China smacks against this principle.

Again, please remove “Province of China” from the list of Taiwan.  Thank you very much for your concern.


2. 通報總統府與外交部,請政府出面交涉處理





IISG全球外來種資料庫列台灣為中國一省,嚴重矮化台灣混淆國際試聽,由於這樣的學術資料庫經常會被引用,我們已經發起一人一信抗議活動(詳情請見 http://blog.yam.com/subing/archives/1279740.html),希望台灣政府與駐外單位也能出面表達立場,以求 對方盡快更正錯誤。感謝。


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